Huber UK has two additional new directors

We are delighted to announce that as of 1 June 2020 Markus Lauble and Tomer Meirom were joined by Valentin Rüther and Arno Geis (from left to right) on the Huber car park systems UK Ltd. board of directors.

We wish them every success for the future.

Europe’s first multi-storey steel coach and car park takes place of pride at Wembley Park, published in Construction & Civil Engineering (CCE) Magazine December issue 2019

On 21 November 2019, Quintain, the project developer, and Huber car park systems celebrated the opening of the £41 million ‘Pink Coach and Car Park’. The complex consists of two parking levels for coaches featuring 290 parking bays, as well as a five-storey car park with 734 parking bays. At full capacity, it can accommodate up to 16,500 visitors. As the suspended deck also allows for the positioning of broadcasting vehicles, Wembley Stadium intends to use the facility as a media park during Euro 2020

Safety and technology are top priorities

Pink Coach and Car Park is implemented with a 120-minute fire protection strategy: the steel construction of the coach parking area is enveloped by chambered concrete, which is highly effective in the construction of mobility hubs, and a dedicated sprinkler system.

An elaborate wayfinding system, including digital signage, assists the marshals and stewards when managing the crowds on event days. Furthermore, there is a public-address system and camera monitoring system throughout the complex. The innovative technology installed assigns coaches to free parking bays according to their length and size. ANPR automatically registers all vehicles at all entrance and exit points.

Art Façades: Pride of Wembley

Inspired by Olympic pictograms, large simple silhouettes of stars renowned for their Wembley performances, lit up by pink LED tube lights, decorate four of the ten stair core elevations. The intent of the design is to encourage the next generation of idols to become part of Wembley history.

Pride of Wembley_Article CCE Magazine_December issue

Wembley Pink features in Quintain’s 2019 Roundup

Huber car park system’s project, Wembley Pink, is part of an 85 acre development in north west London, Wembley Park.

We are very proud to have designed and built Europe’s first multi-storey steel coach and car park, providing parking bays to thousands of visitors to the new development and Wembley Stadium.

Please see the following link for an overview of the entire Quintain Project,

Donation to Volunteer Fire Brigade Rheinbrohl

HIB Huber Integral Bau GmbH and Huber car park systems international GmbH (HUBER) donate €7,000

At a time when we can all fulfil our material wishes at any time, we have decided to make a special donation instead of distributing gifts.

As we are now one of the largest employers in the area, and according to the motto „Think global, act local“ we have chosen to support our local volunteer fire brigade by financing two truck driving licences for junior staff.

„We thank you very much for this extraordinarily generous donation” said Michael Scharrenbach, head of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Rheinrohl, when the cheque was handed over.

Building a new gateway, published in Parking Review November issue 2019

HUBER Car Park Systems’ new Saltergate multi-storey sets the tone for Chesterfield

A multi-storey car park forms a key element of a major regeneration project in the Derbyshire market town of Chesterfield. The new Saltergate car park has been built on the site of an ageing multi-storey that was demolished in February 2018. The new multi-storey car park is located in the heart of Chesterfield on Saltergate, close to local shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. (Weiterlesen…)

Chesterfield Borough Council opens its new Saltergate Car Park

‘The Car Park is the latest regeneration project that is helping to develop the town centre and also to make Chesterfield a thriving borough’, states Councillor Terry Gilby, the council’s cabinet member for economic growth.

The new multi-storey car park at Saltergate in Chesterfield officially opened to the public on Tuesday, 30 July 2019. The prominent building with its perforated cladding panels façade is part of the £19.9 million Northern Gateway project.

Constructed by HUBER car park systems, the 526-spaces multi-storey car park is built according to the VCA system, using a continuous ramp, which ensures less congestion and enables ease of access to generously sized parking spaces.  Saltergate currently has six charging points for electronic vehicles and has the capacity for 16, if required. Additionally, it has 32 disabled spaces and 15 parent and child spaces.

The car park is open 24 hours a day, all year round with extensive CCTV coverage to maximise the security of its customers. There are two comfortable lifts, a bright staircase with automatic doors and differently coloured parking levels, as well as automated speed-gates at entrances and exits.

The car park was not only designed to offer stress-free parking to all customers but also to complement and be respectful of its surroundings.


According to Councillor Gilby, “The design for the car park was chosen to blend in well with the surrounding area, including the plans for the new enterprise centre on part of the site of Holywell Cross (Donut) car park. In addition to this, the red colour scheme is also in line with the council’s brand.”

As well as attractive pricing, the Saltergate location ensures that not only shoppers, but commuters and guests staying at the new hotel on Elder Way will profit from its proximity to Chesterfield town centre.

“We are committed to serving and supporting communities by investing in new facilities such as this to make the town a great place to live and visit” says Councillor Terry Gilby.

‘The Car park is the latest regeneration project that is helping to develop the town centre and also to make Chesterfield a thriving borough’, knows Councillor Terry Gilby.

Wembley Pink topping-off event raises £10,000 for pink Charity

Huber celebrated the topping-off of Pink Coach and Car park in Wembley on 27th June 2019. The project team and site operatives were invited to sign one of the last steel members to be installed on to the building.

The topping-off was the closing event to Huber’s ‘wear pink to work’ initiative across Wembley park and the campaign to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Huber raised a grand total of £10,000 for the chosen pink charity ‘Breast Cancer Now



Huber organizes a fundraising event for Breast Cancer


The construction of our Wembley Pink Coach and Car Park project is reaching a high point and we are celebrating with a topping-off event.

As part of the event, the Wembley Pink team has chosen to raise awareness and money for the Pink Ribbon organisation ‘Breast Cancer Now’. To achieve that, we are organising a “wear pink to work” day at Wembley Park and call on all construction sites in Wembley park to join us in raising awareness by wearing pink to work on the day.

The day will close off with our topping-off event in which one of the last steel members of the MSCP will be installed.

The event includes inspirational talk from ‘Breast Cancer Now’ and we will run a charity collection an Auction and a Raffle.

If you can not come to the event, or you prefer to donate by bank transfer, please do so through our designated fundraising webpage:

The parking garage of the future is boundless – in Parking Trend 02/2019

„The parking garage of the future is boundless“

Mr. Rüther, Huber is expanding for years. What is your key to success?

In 1990, the company was founded. Our basic business idea was to specialize in car park construction, and that’s what our success is based on to a large extent. This has allowed us to become more and more rooted to the product, and we are sometimes investors and operators ourselves. From these in-depth thoughts on the product parking garage, a complete system has been created. Our latest innovation is the Smart Parking in the 360-degree parking garage, which we will now present at the PARKEN fair.

Can you describe this 360-degree thought and what is smart about it?

By smart parking we mean, among other things, the digital, the entire data flow and the control in the parking garage. It starts at the entrance and exit: there is no barrier there anymore. Users no longer need to keep a tight track, but can easily get in and out. If you want, you can pay cashlessly up to 48 hours later online, almost from the couch. These are trademarks of the company Autopay, in which we participated two years ago. Customers who do not want to register online can still pay cash by entering their license plate number.

So the system is based on license plate recognition?


So you think the car park of the future is without barriers?

Definitely. But there is more to it, such as the ability to create prices dynamically or assign parking spaces dynamically. As a result, operators can act quite differently in marketing. Also because the parking garages and car parks are networked right into the parking spaces. This will become standard in the next few years.

Which other advantages do you see?

With an additional dynamic parking guidance system that monitors every single parking space, we have a much faster filling and emptying of these parking garages. In addition, the location of each vehicle in the parking garage can be determined at any time. In addition, we know exactly which parking lots are still free and can give this data to the outside to offer them on large platforms and also to enter into the navigation systems of the cars.

So you go much deeper into the topic and are not “just” a construction company that takes care of statics and shell construction …

This is the basic task for us, the use of the building is virtually the freestyle. Our task is to develop the best concept for the customer. You also have to look at each parking garage individually.

That sounds like individual planning. On the other hand, you are a system manufacturer. How does this fit together?

We follow a design that allows a systematic production, but is manufactured individually per object. This means that we do not produce system components that are retrieved from the warehouse, but plan and produce individually for the customer. For this, we have the greatest flexibility possible in our system. An example: ceilings are poured out on site. So we can really realize every layout.

What are the main differences to prefabricated buildings?

That with us, you have a consistently homogeneous surface covering. We have no joints and no drainable built-in parts for drainage in it.

Are there still certain HUBER standards?

There are a lot of standards: for drainage, for impact protection, facade substructure, various facade systems. But there are also different options for everything.

How do you handle the lighting?

With ELB, who is our partner for electricity, we have developed a control system with which you can control each lamp and thus illuminate the parking garage as needed. If nobody moves in the parking garage, the lighting is completely shut down. In this way, we realize a big power saving.

What is certainly easier with LEDs than with conventional fluorescent tubes?

We only work with LED, there is nothing else here.

Which ramp versions can you offer with your system?

With our flexible system, we can economically implement all possible ramp variants in multi-storey car parks. We build fullfloor ramps, split-level parking garages – all the way to ramp parking garages, which we love to build. In Germany, however, this ramp variant is not demanded so often. In addition, the pitches can be arranged in all variants of 90 degree to 45 degree.

Which floor coverings do you prefer?

Concerning the system, we can offer everything the market has to offer. However: Basically, we use a synthetic resin coating to protect our concrete floors, but mastic asphalt is also used frequently. Uncoated concrete floors are not offered by HUBER.

Which parking deck slope do you recommend?

At least two per cent, up to three per cent. Depending on the surface covering, coating systems are smoother, with two per cent being enough. Mastic asphalt is a bit rougher, which is why we go to three per cent slope, so that the water stops less. A drainage planning is unfortunately often forgotten in parking garage construction or only paid negligent. But this is very important because the damage comes at the end of the chlorides and they are transported by the water.

How many parking garages did you build in 2018?

Rather interesting is how many parking spaces we have built. In total, there were 10,465 parking spaces, of which 4,550 belonged to HIB Huber Integral Bau and 5,915 to our international division, HUBER car park systems.

Was there an outstanding project?

We have a major order worth around 30 million pound at London’s Wembley Stadium, where 900 parking bays do not take that much space, but there’s still room for 300 coaches and TV broadcasting trucks. A special feature is the fire resistance of 120 minutes.

How is it that you are so active in the UK right now?

Because we have specialized heavily, it makes sense to not focus solely on one market. There are good times and bad times everywhere. It is better to work in several markets. In the UK, we are now the market leader in multi-storey car parks.

Is smart parking and the operation of parking garages your corporate strategy for the future?

If you look at the figures of our group of companies, we have grown very dynamically in the past ten years, now have more than 120 employees in the construction companies and 35 employees in the operating companies – excluding the employees who work in the affiliated companies. We have been growing in the double-digit percentage range for years. Sales also rose accordingly and we are clearly the number two in the industry. Our business model remains to build turnkey parking garages for customers. However, if the customer asks whether we operate the parking garage for him or invest in the object, then we are also the right contact persons.

How would you characterize Huber?

Huber is a family-run medium-sized company. That also makes the good atmosphere here in the house. Our employees identify themselves with the company and the product. We have a good team spirit and a mixed team of young and old, made up of 22 nations.

Is there an own style concerning your design of the facades?

We value our design and are happy to build a parking garage with a beautiful facade. Of course, we would like to highlight our strengths: In addition to flexibility and individuality, this must certainly be visible on the facade. Incidentally, the designs for facades mostly come from our house, which is the only way to realize this economically.


Valentin Rüther is Managing Director of HIB Huber Integral Bau GmbH in Rheinbrohl/
Germany since 2005 and draws on more than 20 years of experience in multi-storey car park construction. Already during his civil engineering studies, he founded the RÜKO GmbH in Karlsruhe in 1997 with partners, which today is a main shareholder of the Huber companies. The main responsibilities of the civil engineer lie in the company and business development and the development of planning, construction and operating concepts for parking garages both nationally and internationally.

About Huber

HIB Huber Integral Bau GmbH has developed itself into a whole group of companies dealing with parking. The original company manufactures systems for parking garages, and on an international basis, the HUBER car park systems. In addition, there are various operators and property companies, for example HIB Parkraum Nürtingen, which invest in car parks and operate them. After all, HUBER has interests in partner companies, for example Metalbark in Poland (a state-of-the-art steel construction company) or ELB in Vogtland, which has been cabling HUBER parking garages and planning electrical installations for 20 years. For two years, HUBER has also been involved in the company Autopay, which deals with cash- and barrier-free systems.

“The parking garage of the future is boundless” published in Parking Trend 02/2019