Project Manchester, Internet Trading Company Car Park, United Kingdom

600 parking bays

At their Manchester location HUBER erected the second multi storey car park for an internet trading company. The building provides more than 600 parking bays. Much like in the case of their Dunstable location, the increased need for parking space is a direct result of an expansion of the available floor space of the existing building and the resulting increase in their staff base. The customer had applied to extend the floor space of the warehouse by two interior mezzanine levels, taking it to 654,000 sq. ft. The new 120,000 sq. ft. MSCP is directly adjacent to the office and warehouse complex. It is in close vicinity to Manchester Airport, the largest UK airport outside of London.

The Huber-Concept

The MSCP was built in split level construction. Particulars of this building are the staggered height and the extended height of level 0, which permits passage of small vans.  To enhance its looks, only part of the car park was extended by two additional levels. The project was realized in hot-dip galvanized steel-frame construction. The flooring system is composed of additive liner sheets with in-situ concrete all of which is delivered and installed just-in-time. The two lower levels of the car park are equipped with high quality, coloured interlocking paving stones.

Short ramps grant one-way access to the parking levels. Pedestrian walkways, stair cases and doors are fitted out in yellow in line with the car park in Dunstable and thus match the client’s CI colouring.  Both staircases meet the Technical Standards requirements for fire exit stairs and incorporate handrails on both sides.  The car park is connected to the office building on the ground level by multiple turn stiles which simultaneously serve as access control.

Attractive Design

The open slat façade of the car park is a HUBER product which is air and light permeable. It blends in very well with the coloured cassette elements of the stair cases and contributes to the high class character of the car park. The LED illumination system featuring HUBER lamps is state-of-the-art and guarantees vast energy savings potential.