Project Purfleet, C.RO Ports, United Kingdom

8166 parking bays

This new build multi-storey car deck is located in the ship ports of C.RO in Purfleet. The building, with a floor area of 126,000m², offers 8166 well-laid-out parking bays and was specifically designed and built to address efficient storage facilities for new cars prior to distribution.

The car deck has 6 levels (incl. ground floor) with a central continuous ramp linking Level 1 to Level 5. It has a steel frame with in-situ reinforced concrete floors cast onto metal liner sheets. The intermediate decks have a brush finish while the top deck & the ramp were treated with a waterproofing membrane.

The external elevations of the structure are fitted with impact proof Integra Mesh which gives the building an industrial look fitting in with its surroundings.

Nine staircases, consisting of precast elements and fitted with internal mesh from the ground floor to the top floor to secure open edges, give access to the parking decks. Stainless steel handrails have been fitted to the wall surface & mesh.

Further, an emergency tunnel was built, leading from the centre of the building (SC04, SC05) to a point of safety.