Project Staines, One Causeway, UK

444 parking bays

As a part of the 1 Causeway Park project, the new built 444 space Multi storey car park complements the new office development at Staines-upon-Thames with an excellent parking ratio. Visibly positioned next to the M25 and prominently located on Causeway itself, 1 Causeway Park is the gateway development to a thriving business community.

Visitors and companies doing business in the contemporary office complex have access to modern parking spaces in attractive proximity. Eleven parking spaces with active e-charging function are available.

The open façade design was created with climbing ropes and climbing plants to create a green façade. In addition to natural ventilation, the microclimate is favourably influenced in this way. Bright parking levels provide users with a welcoming atmosphere, supported by intelligent LED lighting control to ensure safety at any time of day or night. Eleven double charging stations for two vehicles each are available for e-vehicles.

Like the entire complex, the multi-storey car park meets high environmental standards. The reduction of CO2

emissions is achieved through a new access road with direct access to the multi-storey car park. This facility also provides bike parking with adjoined shower and toilet facilities. It serves for 96 bike parking spaces inside and 14 outside the building.